PRO MAX SYSTEM (Direct Port)

For the ultimate in direct port nitrous horsepower, Compucar offers the PRO MAX Racing System. This system incorporates 2 competition nitrous solenoids and 2 competition fuel solenoids, specially flowed fittings and distribution blocks to provide horsepower gains in excess of 1100HP on a single stage.

The Pro Max system was derived from years of flow and dyno tests to ensure the most powerful and safest horsepower on the market today. Since this is an all out competition race system, it is recommended for use ONLY on Pro Mod type race engines with cubic inch displacement above 600. Due to the fuel requirements of this system a 400 GPH electric fuel pump or a belt driven fuel pump is required to supply fuel for maximum safety and horsepower.

Part #s

741000 Single Stage (gas)

742000 Dual Stage (gas)

743000 Three Stage (gas)

741001 Single Stage (alky)

742001 Dual Stage (alky)

743001 Three Stage (alky)