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Motorcycle and Small Engine Systems
The blast of nitrous horsepower on a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, jet ski, or outboard is something you have to feel to believe. Compucar motorcycle and small engine systems are adjustable from 40 to 150P depending upon the type of engine and application.

For a medium horsepower boost (50-75) a high output ignition and one range colder spark plugs are required. Higher horsepower systems (over 75) require use of forged pistons and a heavy duty crankshaft (in some cases, a welded crankshaft may be necessary).

Compucar's motorcycle and small engine systems feature the same race proven components as our systems for larger automotive engines. They include a 2 lb empty aluminum nitrous bottle, high quality solenoids with teflon seals, stainless steel braided supply line, custom tailored fuel pump, all lines, fittings and electric connections, Pro Blaster nozzles with adjustable jets, complete instructions, tuning tips and Compucar's EXCLUSIVE Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Compucar nitrous oxide systems are available for carbureted, turbocharged or supercharged motorcycles, snowmobiles, 3 wheelers, ATV's, Jet skis, marine and outboard two-cycle and four cycle engines. Specify type of fuel used when ordering.

Part #s

911000 1-Cylinder

912000 2-Cylinder

913000 3-Cylinder

914000 4-Cylinder

916000 6-Cylinder

920000 Harley Single Venturi

922000 Harley Dual Venturi

925000 All Turbocharged

950001 2 Cylinder FI snowmobile